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Since 2015, Shanken Secure has established itself as an experience-based, client-driven cybersecurity consulting and special services firm. We have dedicated ourselves to providing services, training, and actionable responses.

Our team includes former Operators, Officers and Special Agents from the NSA, DoD, FBI, and CIA capable of understanding offensive and defensive cybersecurity posture across large organizational infrastructures.


Dealership FTC Safeguards Rule

The FTC’s Safeguards Rule requires automotive dealerships to implement detailed cybersecurity procedures to meet compliance regulations and provide better protection for their customer’s sensitive data. Our certified cybersecurity experts can protect you from ransomware, cyber-threats, and make you 100% compliant while augmenting your current IT solutions.

We’re the leading cybersecurity firm focused on helping dealerships adhere to the new FTC Safeguards Rule with simple, straightforward pricing.

24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC)

Our 24/7 security operations center (SOC) provides ultimate protection for your organization with 15 minute response times. This service includes complete managed detection and response, incident response, threat hunting, and threat intelligence. We even offer a warranty against ransomware.

Compromise Assessment

Would you like to know if you are compromised or have ever been? Experience the future of cybersecurity. The Shanken proprietary compromise assessment identifies your ongoing or past intrusions and uncovers your weaknesses and vulnerabilities, allowing you to assess current risks. We continously provide a clean bill of cyber health and peace of mind.

Penetration Testing

Penetration tests are considered a fundamental component of your risk management program. Our penetration testing combines controlled phishing attacks, identifying human vulnerabilities, and exploiting technical infrastructure just as the threat would. This technique provides real-world outcomes making your organization stronger.

Phishing Prevention

Phishing solutions that are designed to test and train the most vulnerable part of your organization… your employees.

Security Awareness Training

Today’s learners need more than printouts and PowerPoint presentations. They need active, dynamic content that keeps them engaged, hardening your organization’s human firewall.

Digital Forensics

Don’t navigate cyber incidents or intrusions alone – our experts can help you precisely isolate, quarantine, and remove active threats from your network. Our team works quickly to identify the extent of the breach and correct existing vulnerabilities, allowing your organization to recover in a secure and timely fashion.

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